Learn more about the Datacenter Academy from those
who have succesfully completed the program
Working at Microsoft Datacenter


“I was recently a truck driver and I did not enjoy the industry. So, I decided on a career change to learn about IT and I have been happy since. So far, my experience has been great, I love it!”

– Jermaine, Datacenter Academy Scholar

“Since I went back to school, I feel that anyone at any age and any background can be successful whether it be professionally or personally – even if it is out of your comfort zone.”

– Brenda, Datacenter Academy Scholar

“The DCA program provides a rich academic opportunity for the local community by providing informational technology (IT) scholarships for underrepresented people groups. Each year these scholarships empower individuals to earn industry-recognized credentials, which help in securing entry-level IT positions. Moreover, the DCA program is increasing the number of underrepresented individuals and helping them to experience first-hand the benefits of the exciting world of technology.”

-Kelly, Southside Virginia Community College

“The DCA Program has given the community the opportunity for students to advance its IT skills and take advantage of a rapidly growing computer-based IT field. Personally, after 20 years in Sales Management, the DCA was pivotal in helping me switch careers with earning performance-based certifications that supports the skills to succeed in IT!’

-Hassan, Datacenter Academy Scholar