Microsoft Datacenter Academy

Helping individuals acquire skills and certifications for employment in the growing cloud computing and IT sectors

What is the Datacenter Academy?

Datacenter Academy
We are in the midst of the “fourth industrial revolution,” as organizations and individuals around the world use cloud computing to get the latest and greatest technology, power their businesses and daily lives, and accomplish things never thought possible. The cloud enables many of the activities we use on a daily basis: communication, banking, gaming, entertainment, business applications, artificial intelligence, and many more. The cloud enables organizations to deploy applications anywhere on the globe without constraints. The cloud hosts massive amounts of data that feed these applications and provide information to people and businesses around the world.
Microsoft is committed to building a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud. As part of our commitment, we understand that we must invest in education and training to assure that everyone has the skills to thrive and participate in the digital world. Microsoft partners globally with nonprofits, governments, educators, and businesses to ensure everyone has access to digital skills instruction, computer science education, and IT training.

The Microsoft Datacenter Academy is a workforce development program from Microsoft Datacenter Community Development (DCCD) team. With this program, we help education partners in datacenter communities deliver training and certifications to enable employment in the growing cloud computing and IT sectors.

Datacenter Academy Locations

Location map

The Datacenter Academy program delivers on five core pillars.

Work with local education partners to augment existing curriculum
Scholarships & Financial Grants
Provide financial support for those students who come from historically underrepresented backgrounds
Datacenter Lab
Hands-on datacenter equipment for digital skills training and education
Work Experience
Opportunity to gain valuable work experience at a Microsoft Datacenter
Connecting with others and learning from current employees. Our local datacenter teams may mentor and support students in their education development